Farewell to the Godfather of Soul and President Ford

Both of these men were making more of an impact before I was born or while I was a kid. I actually know these two more for the spoofs I have seen on Saturday Night Live (Chevy Chase falling as Ford and Eddie Murphy as James Brown in a hot tub). Loss is always sad, but when someone lives a long time and makes a positive impact on society, we can also be grateful.

“I knew [President Ford] to be a professing Christian, and we had several times of prayer together… A lot of us Christians saw him as a spiritual leader as well as a political one.” – Billy Graham, “Just As I Am

For a great video “tribute” to James Brown, check out “Becoming James Clown” at Scott’s webpage. You can find his page by looking on my always rotating list of top friends at http://www.myspace.com./ericmichaelbryant.

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