I had a great time teaching a class this past week at Golden Gate Seminary in Brea on Intercultural Communication! These diverse, intelligent, and world-changing women and men brought such great insights into stereotypes, conflict resolution, and connecting with others who live and believe differently. Here were some insights:

Stereotypes can keep us from getting to know the real person. There is more to who we are than what we look like (personality, talent, passions, background, education, family influence, ethnicity, cultural background, regional background, etc.).

We should look to help reach people who want to change.

As followers of Christ, we should be set apart in how we live not where we live. We are sent out into the world not away from it.

We can partner with others with whom we disagree if there is a shared outcome and a shared process that does not compromise who we are.

Conflict takes place among all of us – even those who have the same backgrounds.

As far as it depends on us, we should strive to live at peace with everyone.

Most conflict can be overcome with a face-to-face meeting. Many times we assume the worst whereas we should assume the best.

  • Tamara

    Interesting timing on this topic. I just began a class with Fuller this week, and this week’s key topic was critical openness. The instructor defined it as “responding with courtesy and grace, after fair and thoughtful evaluation, based on careful and sympathetic listening.” This is so important to remember as we engage with others – virtually or in-person. Thanks for your post!

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