35 years down, hoping for way more to go…

A special thanks goes out to my mom for giving birth to me on this day and to my dad for helping make this day possible.

I feel the same way I did in college really, not so much high school and definitely not junior high, but I feel like I have changed a lot too. Getting older is a weird thing. I still feel young, yet other times I feel old.

Time is a mystery. The years seem to race by, yet when I was a kid it seemed to take forever to get to Christmas and then my birthday. I have a theory on why that is. When you are 10 years old, 12 months is 10% of your entire lifetime. Now that I am 35 years old, 12 months is only 0.028%. A year just isn’t the same anymore.

With my 35th year, I pray I would be a better husband, father, son, cousin, grandson, nephew, friend, leader, follower, navigator, and servant.

And finally, another special thanks to God who has made these 35 years possible. I am extremely blessed!

Hoping for 65 more,


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  • rudy

    one foot in the grave man

    just kidding


  • danield

    Happy Birthday! I made you a special video from something my 6 and 3 year old daughters got me for my last bday… enjoy…


  • Lori

    Happy Birthday (a little late!) I think Xanga swallowed my comment somehow…

  • jeremy

    Happy belated birthday Eric! I had a snowball fight with my kids yesterday and I am absolutely beat and sore today. I never thought 34 could feel so old. I need to hit the gym.


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