A Party Theology

Years ago, I remember the first time I heard Erwin talk about having “a party theology.” Usually every January at Mosaic, he reminds us of the need to develop relationships through having people over and saying “yes” when others invite us. Based on Jesus’ willingness to ruin His reputation going over to Levi’s house, it is such a simple idea, yet too often I fail to create enough time in my life to party.

A couple of years ago, Erwin let me share on this topic for the first time. I had a chance to share again this past week at our westside gathering. Go to http://www.mosaic.org/podcast to hear it for free for the next couple of weeks.

I showed this video of Trevi pounding away at a pinata. She always surprises people with the passionate way she swings away. The tape doesn’t show it, but Caleb has been known to yell “Knock it’s head off” as Trevi jumps off the ground to inflict damage.

In my life, so many great conversations and friendships have begun at parties. May we all be more intentional to serve, love, and celebrate with others. Let’s party more in 2007!


  • jeremy

    With a swing like that, you won’t have to worry about the boys as she gets older. She can take care of herself.
    I appreciated your reminder to make building conversations and friendships a priority. It is amazing how we miss this fundamental building block in an effort to do more dazzling stuff to reach people. The most effective tool can simply be being present in the midst of people’s lives and listening. Thanks again.


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