Fridays are my semi-Sabbath. Usually I sneak in a morning meeting or two while Caleb gets ready for school. While Debbie works out, Trevi and I hit the town for breakfast or catch up on some Fairly Oddparents. At some point we get a Thai tea with boba (delicious tapioca balls) and go to a mall (The Grove in West LA or Santa Anita Mall near San Marino). I always take my newest version of Entertainment Weekly to catch up on news in the Industry.

Yesterday we had some hot dogs from Pink’s. Hmmm Mmm Good! We generally take care of an errand or two (usually including a trip to Amoeba Records in Hollywood, the best used cd store in the planet) before picking up Caleb from school. After some homework for Caleb (math or a book report) and pretend homework for Trevi (coloring a picture for us), we play some catch or basketball. We usually end the night with a movie on our new HDTV or have some friends over.

I love days off. I honestly Thank God when it’s Friday!

  • Rebekah

    sounds like fun. 🙂

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