“The Future Stops Here”

Debbie and I saw Children of Men the other night. Rotten Tomatoes had given it a 91% freshness rating, so I was ready for a futuristic drama much like “Blade Runner.”

Based on a book by P.D. James, “Children of Men” paints an incredibly bleak picture of the future. Terrorism has overrun and destroyed all nations except the U.K.. Even in the U.K., immigrants are treated like prisoners and random bombs explode at random times (most think the British government is responsible in order to keep people living in fear). Perhaps most disturbing (at least in terms of the future of humanity), women can no longer have children.

Personally, I enjoyed the way the film made this bleak future look so real (no flying cars or aliens from other planets), yet I wanted to know what brought the world to such a horrible place. As the film moves along with a few subtle yet funny moments, the violence and chaos and carnage increase. At one point, a group of protesters hold a sign which reads “The Future Stops Here.” We are reminded that chaos reigns when a better future seems impossible.

Debbie and I recently watched two other movies with a view of our future: Idiocracy and The Fifth Element too. It seems most movies about the future paint a picture of a future worth avoiding.

Is it possible, with God’s help, to create a better future? After watching these movies, I sure hope so!

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