Miracle at the Homeless Shelter

About 10 months ago I was with a group from Mosaic at the L.A. mission. Our objective: wash the feet of homeless men and women. After washing their feet, we supplied them with food, new socks and shoes, and smiles. We were surrounded with lots of others from different churches, non-profit groups, and even folks from Channel 5 here in L.A..

One woman serving didn’t seem to be connected with one of the groups. Carmen, one of the women heading up Serve LA, a ministry at Mosaic which mobilizes people to serve those in need, and I started up a conversation with her. Her name was Alex. As I asked what brought her to the homeless shelter, her answer surprised me. “I am on a spiritual quest.” She went on to explain that in order to find God she had decided to serve at the homeless shelter twice a month.

I was so impressed! What a valiant person! In looking for God, she decided to look for Him in serving.

We exchanged contact info. but lost touch over the course of time. When we began the Soul Cravings series at Mosaic, Debbie and I decided to start a book club with a couple of our friends. Randomly I thought of Alex. After getting her email address from Carmen, I invited Alex. Four days later, Alex came to our first book club. She has been coming ever since.

Developing a new friendship while discussing God and our intrinsic needs to believe, belong, and become has been remarkable. Alex has been a true encouragement and blessing to us.

Once again I have realized, when we serve Christ by serving others, we will be amazed at how He works! Having a chance to share with men and women who are without a home was rewarding enough. Having the opportunity to develop a new friendship and be a small part of her quest to find God is bonus!

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