Clippers Cursed or Cured?

Moving to Los Angeles in 1998, I had a tough choice to make. As a lifelong Mavericks fan and a Sonics fan since 1994 (Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp!), I could not stand the Lakers. Even though Kobe and I share the same last name, I could not allow myself to cheer for the team which had ruined so many of my seasons as an NBA fan. So, I did what any other person would do in my situation, I chose to cheer for the Clippers.

I truly have come to love the Clips, but man do they break my heart. Last year was an amazing season! I thought the “curse” was gone until two nights ago. Shaun Livingston our young about-to-be-a-superstar point guard came down from a layup and tore his knee up in the most gruesome freak accident I have ever seen in sports. He shredded three ligaments in his knee and dislocated his kneecap. He is out for the rest of this season and all of next season. Some say he might not ever be able to play again. If you see the highlight about to come on the news, turn away. It was awful!

Last night, my buddy Chad Becker hooked me up with tickets on the 7th row at Staples Center as the Clippers battled the Sonics. Wearing my Clippers hat, Debbie and I watched a fun game. Being so close to the action made what these athletes do each night that much more remarkable. After losing their lead, the Clippers pulled out a win.

Overcoming the image of their teammate’s awful injury, the Clippers won. Can this be what turns around their season? Are we on the comeback trail? To be continued….

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  • Isaac

    Yeah, man. That injury was brutal.

    It was all over the local news here in Shaun’s hometown (Peoria, IL). Hopefully they’ll pull through and have a great season…

    Wait, what am I saying?! Go Bulls!

  • Chris Harvey

    I don’t think they are cursed but they sure seem like they are at times. Sorry for all those tough years that my Lakers were doing their thang. Then they got “smart” and shipped off Shaq and the team. I’m not a big fan of Kobe and was hoping he would have gone to the Clippers.
    Like the blog, heard about via Carlos W.

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