Coach Tony Dungy

Enjoying Orlando at Southeastern University’s Leadership Forum. They have had some remarkable speakers including John Maxwell, Bill Hybels, Laurie Beth Jones, Erwin McManus, Tony Evans, Craig Groeschel, Ken Blanchard, and Tony Dungy among others. Some power-packed sessions!

One of the highlights was definitely hearing from Tony Dungy. He seems to be such a strong yet quiet man of faith. At the beginning of the season he shares with his team that he will not be raising his voice beyond a normal speaking volume nor will he be using profanity. He seems to have high expectations of his players, and they respond accordingly.

Some great insights he shared:

Our goals are not the same as our purpose. Our purpose as followers of Christ should be to connect others to God. This distinction helps overcome disappointment and adversity when we don’t accomplish our goals, yet stay connected to our purpose.

Do something special every day. Whether it is fun with family or bringing your family to work. Keep connected to your family and realize more work doesn’t always mean more success. More efficient time spent at work creates more time with family.

Coach Dungy pointed people to Christ after the Super Bowl in front of 90 million people, yet he has received more calls and emails thanking him for the way he responded to when he was fired by the Buccaneers. He thanked his former employers for the opportunity and wished them the best. Our light is brightest when we shine in the midst of adversity rather than success.

Good stuff!

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