My Side of the Story – Dreamgirls

On a flight back from Orlando, Erwin and I were talking about movies, ministry, and our families. Since Dreamgirls was the featured movie, I figured I’d be able to do a bit of reading or resting or visiting. I hadn’t seen Dreamgirls, and if I did then it would be with Debbie (not Erwin).

At one point Erwin mentioned to me I had to at least watch this one scene. Not knowing what was to come, I watched as Jennifer Hudson sang “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going.” Having never seen the movie nor really heard that song, I was amazed. You could feel her pain! It was so moving a tear or two came to my eyes. I admit it, I got a bit emotional.

So if you listen to the Mosaic podcast this week, you will know my side of the story. Tears weren’t pouring down my face, just trickling. Before you call me “Betty” as a guy did after church yesterday, I defy any of you to watch that movie and not feel moved!

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  • rudy

    wait til you see that scene in a theatre with a bunch of fans who feel effie’s pain…

  • Tamara

    A “pre-Christ follower” friend of mine at work told me that I had to see this movie. Looks like I’ll be heading to Blockbuster soon.

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