Agape Posse

One of the greatest experiences of my life was the Agape Posse. In college, my three roommates and I created our own fraternity – Alpha Pi, the Posse of Love. The only requirement to join = living in and paying rent for Apt. # 402 or later # 609.

In addition to the road trips, music videos which would have gained us notoriety across the world had their been youtube back then, late night games of Spades, Risk, and water gun fights (not to mention pranks such as the classic “throwing water then the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag” on one of our neighbors), the four of us really challenged each other to become the men God had created us to become. Craig, Joe, and Pete helped make my experience at Baylor one of the best experiences of my life!

Over the years, we have spread out across the country. Our adventures have included amazing wives, beautiful kids, and opportunities to serve in ministry.

Last fall, I had a great time with Craig, Mindy, and their girls in Westminster, South Carolina. The people and food in SC were wonderful! I enjoyed being with them at their church, First Baptist Church of Westminster and watching SNL and playing on his new XBOX. Since Craig and I have been best buds since 7th grade, we had lots of fun memories to remember.

Recently, we had a chance to spend time with Pete and Melissa Luedemann (they have four girls) who are living in Portland. Pete has been involved with The Lausanne Movement and leading a church called Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

This past week we spent time with Joe and Cheri Beckler (along with their triplets – all boys). Joe and Cheri started a church in Durango called Matthew’s House. It was exciting to hear about their new church which starts meeting in their new facilities this weekend.

Each of us have very different lives now in very different parts of the world with very different ministries, yet for a moment in time the Agape Posse gave me a glimpse of what true community should look like. I am forever grateful for Craig, Pete, and Joe.

Vaya con Dios, Posse!

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