This morning I woke up and checked my blackberry, which wasn’t working last night. The first message I read was a bulletin from CNN letting me today was another day filled with violence. 160 people killed in 4 Baghdad blasts.

My first phone call of the day was from a friend in Turkey. News hasn’t spread quite yet, but assassins entered into a Christian publishing house and killed those inside due to their faith in Christ.

Violence is all around us. We fight. We hate. We hurt. We kill.

So often, we hurt those closest to us because we have been hurt by them. Too often our retaliation is far worse than the original offense.

Other times we lash out at those who believe differently or look differently without ever attempting to get to know them.

If we need any more proof of how broken and messed up we are, tomorrow is the anniversary of the tragedies outside Waco and at Columbine.

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