Back to the Future

On our day off today we watched a classic, Back to the Future. It is hard to believe this movie is 23 years old now. Just think, Marty McFly traveled from 1985 to 1955 which seemed like a great distance. We are almost as far from 1985 as he was from 1985. Time sure flies!

The movie kept my kids attention, which is remarkable considering how slow-paced it actually seemed to be at points. For me, George McFly makes the movie. Crispin Glover is a genius in this role throughout the three Back to the Future movies as well as the more recent Charlie’s Angels movies (I can’t remember if I have seen him in anything else).

If you haven’t watched it in a while, go back and do so. Just as funny as the differences between 1985 and 1955 appear to be, pay careful attention to the differences between now and 1985. Some of our favorites included the tight jeans, the socks on the outside of the jeans, the feathered hair, and the Van Halen music.

Living in LA made this a fun movie as well since so many of the locations are places we have been or frequent often such as the Puente Hills mall (where the movie was filmed), the Gamble House (Dr. Emmitt Brown’s mansion which is actually in Pasadena) along with the McFly family home and Marty’s mom’s home (both of which are within a couple of blocks of our old apartment in South Pasadena.

Even more amazing: watching Back to the Future in HD. The picture was better than we ever saw it on the screen 20+ years ago or on our old VHS tape. You could tell the driver of Biff’s car wasn’t Biff. You could even see the make up on the actors which aged them the 20 years.

Can’t wait to watch the two sequels!

  • Lori

    Wow. What was I doing in 1985? I was in 5th grade… 🙂

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