First Book Review!

My first book review is from Publishers Weekly . It is the fourth review on the page or take a look below!

Peppermint-Filled Piñatas: Breaking Through Tolerance and Embracing Love

Eric Michael Bryant. Zondervan, $12.99 paper (224p) ISBN 978-0-310-27384-4

Relationship evangelism is the message of this book from Bryant, “the bald white guy” on staff at the 80-nationalities multicultural Christian community Mosaic in Los Angeles. “Love is the new apologetic,” writes Bryant. For too long, he argues, the world has been made aware of what Christians hate rather than whom they love; what they are against rather than what they support. Christians, he says, “have created an environment where we are seen as judgmental, irrelevant, mean, and hypocritical.” Mixing scripture, humor and personal anecdotes (including a great one about a filling station clerk), Bryant invites Christians to develop a “party theology”: invite others to share in your life, and accept invitations to participate in other people’s lives, especially if they are different from you in some way. The content is familiar: look to connect through a common cause, hobby or passion. Learn conflict resolution and practice it. Break stereotypes, whether they are ethnic, economic, sexual, religious or political. Apart from one confusing anecdote about a schizophrenic who seems to get well through Christian service, this is a solid book for Christians who have “head knowledge” about relationship evangelism, but need encouragement rather than how-to steps to put that knowledge into action. (June)

  • Johnny Laird

    …just read the downloadable chapter – looks like a great read.

    Looking forward to reading the whole thing in due course.

    Thanks for passing by my blog.


    J 🙂

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