The Extreme Future

Currently I am reading a a book by James Canton, the CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures. The book is called The Extreme Future. Here are some general trends he predicts:

Fueling the Future – a post-oil future with alternatives such as hydrogen

Innovation Economy – driving the world economy will be innovations in nano, bio, IT, and neuro.

Longevity Medicine – research dealing with nanotech, neurotech, and genomics will be lead to longer and healthier lives for many.

Securing the Future -the risk landscape of the future includes challenges such as terrorism (cooperation between Islamic extremists and drug lords) to mind control (

He also mentions global trends connected with “Weird Science,” climate change, and the emerging influence of China.

Since Peppermint-Filled Pinatas deals with creating a diverse community, I found the following trends very interesting and timely:

The Next Workforce – businesses will be dealing with challenges associated with multiculturalism.

The Future of Globalization: Cultures in Collision – the future will include a clash of cultures and an ideaological battle for the hearts and minds of the nations.

The Future of the Individual – we are on the verge of either greater freedoms around the planet or fewer freedoms. How we use our freedom (to serve those who aren’t free) will determine which direction we go.

  • Keith Walters

    Sound like an accurate assesment. When dealing with trans-national corporations and globalization the challenges of multiculturalism are huge, namely communication. I also think the ideological challenges that result from multiculturalism will either profoundly fuel postmodernism or kill it. Multicultural workplaces will have to accept knowledge as situated and culturally contrived or they will accept knowledge as universal.

    As followers of Christ we have a huge challenge before us, ideas have consequences and such a globalization not only results in the free trade of commodities but of ideas. The Evangelistic and missional challenge which we will face in the future will be more diverse than anything we have seen before.

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