I woke up to discover horrible news, eating salty foods increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. I guess I already knew this, yet I continued to add salt to my pasta, my steak, my potatoes, my fries, my chips, and every other food item I could (even my bread). I always figured my body was craving salt, so I must need to the extra salt in my system. My favorite salt is the sea salt. I love the giant flakes!

So what should I do? Eliminate salt completely? Try to cut back? Eat foods to which I don’t normally add salt (cereal, yogurt, ice cream, candy, etc.)? I wonder if there are any salt alternatives?

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  • Deana

    I think Sea Salt is supposed to have the best qualities…and doesn’t taste as salty as table salt.

    My husband is a salt freak…me not so much. But he does have a neat trick to keep the salt from flying all over his fries or chips…he salts the ketchup or salsa instead. He uses much less that way and it actually tastes salty.

    As for the fake salt…the salt alternatives…yuck! My Grandpa has that…it’s so nasty!

  • Jon

    Yep. Salt alternatives are gross. Mrs. Dash doesen’t deserve to even use the name salt.

  • Nozza

    That’s one question I am going to ask God: why are most of the tasty foods bad for our health?

    Fries, burgers, chocolate, muffins, pastries, etc – why, oh why?

  • Blakely

    About that salt…I’m a dietitian so it would just be wrong for me not to respond to this post… If you eat less salt for about 2 weeks then your taste buds will adjust and you will start to crave less salt. A high salt diet can cause high blood pressure and that is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease– some would argue the # 1 risk factor. So start with not adding any EXTRA salt to foods, then start trying for less processed foods (bag, box or can). You’d be surprised how quickly you won’t miss it as much. I agree with the salt substitute comments BUT garlic, onions(cooked) and fresh herbs can do wonders for any food without the salt!!!

  • Johnny Laird

    If you want to add real flavor to your steak, go the European way & add a dash of Dijon Mustard.

    Pasta – go without. If the sauce is good, you won’t miss the salt with a coupla weeks.

    Kick it with the garlic!

    Peace & Blessings


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