Origins-Session One

The energy in the room has been electric! The drum opening and music reminded me of a concert (even though it was 9am in the morning). The welcome was interrupted by “conference man,” a hilarious character who is a professional conference attender.

Of the 500 people, just about 100 are from around the world (South Africa, South America, Mexico, Canada, UK, New Zealand, etc.). So excited to get meet so many remarkable people.

Erwin asked this question during his talk: Would you rather preach at Pentecost in front of God-fearing Jews who were on the edge of faith or talk about Jesus in a city named for a pagan god, Mars Hill (Peter in Acts 2 vs. Paul in Acts 17)? We need more people willing to befriend the Dionysiuses and Damarises of the world.

We ended with montage from 2006 – a great start!

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