Human Trafficking

In a meeting with Charity, one of our key leaders when it comes to issues of justice, I was so encouraged to hear about some of their efforts in selling jewelry made by former prostitutes in Thailand along with their efforts to help others become more aware of how we can help stop human trafficking.

I was surprised to hear that human trafficking has just surpassed drug trafficking as the #2 most profitable and prolific trafficking issue (just behind illegal arms sales). She pointed me to another insightful site which helps us know how to better spend our money to avoid allowing our money to be used by companies with less than stellar reputations when it comes to human rights. She sent me to Trade as One.

Just to confirm this isn’t a remote issue, remarkably a story of a woman in Texas who sold her daughter for $3000 just came out today.

  • Sam.

    Hi Eric, would you be able to put me in touch with Charity? I tried to catch her after she spoke at Origins but didn’t get to. We’re looking to do an event that raises awareness regarding Human Trafficking in the next few months and I wanted to chat with her.

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