Future Prophets

Recently, I was part of a fantastic meeting with Erwin and Kim McManus along with Rickey and Laura Williams. We were strategizing how to start a new venue in Pasadena with Rickey as the main communicator. Rickey serves as our Site Catalyst for Pasadena, our largest venue. This fall we hope to launch a new gathering with Rickey as the main communicator.

With a very effective leader and communicator in Erwin (I would say one of the best in the world), we have a challenge: how do we raise up the great communicators and leaders of the future without relying on Erwin to start every venue?

We have tried video venues with little success. In Los Angeles, people would rather drive 45 mins. past a video venue to take their friends to a venue where Erwin is actually speaking.

Just as Moses was encouraged by his father-in-law Jethro to mobilize other leaders in Exodus 18, our next leadership challenge remains developing leaders and communicators who can oversee and mobilize hundreds and even thousands of people.

How can we raise up future prophets?

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  • Lon

    I’ve always wondered how you guys were going to figure that one out. That’s a good honest question that I’d love to hear the answer to.

    Maybe rather than starting ‘venues’ you need to try a smaller thinking approach with only a few being sent out that can carry the dna of mosaic, without even letting anyone know about Erwin.

    Or, better yet, maybe Erwin can share with the rest of us where he gets his secret powers from! j/k.

  • Nozza

    Eric, I have heard you speaking as well…I would rate you up there as well.

    It is a good sign that you guys are actually discussing this. So many places get the name of one person and that one person starts to like the attention. (It is only human nature I guess). But it shows that Erwin is well connected to God that he is more concerned with getting more Mosaics out there, with him or without him.

    Do you raise a prophet or is one born a prophet? I guess its all in God’s timing. Moses tried to do things his way. Didn’t work. Waited for 40 years until God thought the time was right. Did Moses just happen to be in the right place at the right time?

    I think you guys have placed yourselves well with the intern program etc to find the next prophets. It will take time. But soon you will have a steady supply of Mosaic-ized people, specifically trained up to take on these ‘prophet’ roles. Not everyone will be right. But you have positioned yourselves well to connect with the next Moses’ (plural!) of our time.

    Like Lon, I would be interested to hear how you get on.

  • jen

    maybe it’s just me but when i started going to mosaic it wasn’t because of Erwin. it was because of the people i met there. i wanted to be part of that community and felt accepted immediately. Erwin is so gifted and i really enjoy hearing him speak, but there are a ton of people who are gifted and great leaders at mosaic…i don’t come because of the ‘speaker’. i come because this is my family…

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