Peppermint Love

Some cool things have happened recently since Peppermint-Filled Pinatas came out this past weekend. Here are a few highlights:

1. I just discovered that Catalyst and Relevant will both have online articles in the next few weeks which mention the book! (Thanks Daniel, Brad, and Al!) Keep your eyes out for these e-newsletters if you get them.

2. A good friend of mine (who pulls no punches, by the way) has written a review of my book. Grateful for your feedback, Mark!

3. We began the Peppermint-Filled Pinatas series at Mosaic yesterday. It was so much fun! Our amazing teams created a hilarious video bumper, a sketch with Mr. Pinata, pinatas outside for the kids, and we even had a mariachi band in the morning at our Pasadena venue! I am so grateful to be able to team with so many amazing artists, technicians, and connectors! If you aren’t already signed up, get the free Mosaic videocast or audiocast. It was fun interacting with people afterwards including my aunt and uncle (Don and Sally) who came out to the Mayan last night.

4. Well, it looks like my family and I will be traveling across the Southwest in July. It’s going to be hot! Some friends of mine are organizing a “book tour” in cities such as Alburquerque, Lubbock, Dallas/Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and Phoenix. If you know anyone in these cities who would be willing to host a book signing or have me speak in their church or would want to bring people to an event, just email or let me know.

5. I have also heard of some people starting book clubs using the book as well. There are lots of great interactive questions in the book to pull this off. For more free materials to help with a book club, check out these materials created by the team at Mosaic.

My prayer is that God would use this little book to help people help their friends find God. Thanks for your prayers and encouraging words!


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  • Daniel D

    Good luck buddy! This book rocks! Knew it would build bridges from the first time I read the manuscript. 🙂

  • Rebekah

    just bought 2 copies today and started to read it. i am loving it and have learned a lot already and you had me laughing out loud within the first 5 min of reading. :-)this is going to be a fun and helpful book! thanks in advance for your hard work to put this you!!

  • Cheryl Russell

    Good book! It’s full of thought provoking stuff without being preachy or heavy handed. Kudos on that aspect! It’s also funny, and that can be hard to pull off as well.

    600 peppermints!!!! If you’re still trying to get rid of them, find a horse. My daughter feeds her horse peppermints instead of horsey treats. The candy is cheaper, much!, and she says it makes her horse’s breath smell better. I’m taking her word for it on that one.

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