An Ode to the Marlins (Caleb’s Tiny Division Baseball Team)

Last night was the end to a really fun baseball season. Our final record was 1-12-2 (we may have lost more than that, but I think that is right). We may not have won many, but we truly had fun. Coach Hugo took over the team once the team was already selected. He did a great job helping the boys learn how to play the game. Our team was filled with boys new to the game, yet kids who really came to enjoy playing and enjoy playing with each other.

Our only win came on the night our friend Don Smith (Tiny Rangers) asked if we had won yet. When we responded with a polite “no,” he responded with “you will tonight.” He then switched his outfielders to the infield and vice versa. We didn’t care. On that one night, we were winners, and as a result, we celebrated our victory at Shakey’s!

Several moments from the season pop to mind:

Our best player Isaac hitting the ball over the fence in the first game, but then he was selected to come up to the minor league (and off of our team).

Michael Ruiz sincerely asking, “Did we win?!” after we had been crushed by 10+ runs.

Christopher, Jared, and Jovanni striking out an opposing player or getting a guy out running to first or crushing the ball.

Caleb getting hit by 4 pitches and a getting a line drive to the face in practice. For a while he would duck at every pitch. By the end of the season we had him standing in there. As the smallest player who also bent way down, shrinking the strike zone, he was very proud with the number of walks he was able to get this season.

Caleb’s catch at practice of Jared’s line drive.

The pool party and water balloon fight at Michael Perez’ house.

The bbq at the park. Even though I ended up grilling the carne asada (hope no one got sick that day), we had a great time.

Seeing Bryan, Noah, Matthew, Victor, hitting the ball, running home.

Long live the Tiny Marlins of 2007 of Alhambra American Little League!

  • Cheryl Russell

    Kids had fun, coach was more concerned with the kids learning the game instead of winning, season was all around fun….you did have a winning season! 🙂 I hope they’re all this good. 🙂

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