Meeting Needs in Our World

So many needs, so little time. A horrible reminder of the needs of children in this world includes an article I read today about the 60 million girls missing from Asia due to abortion and infanticide. I have been so encouraged by some recent conversations. We can make a difference – in spite of such overwhelming need.

Had an incredible night hearing about ServLife the other day. A good friend of mine from my college days named Joel Vestal began this ministry years ago to meet the needs of the most needy people across the planet through partnerships with indigenous leaders in countries such as India, Nepal, etc.. I have always considered Joel a kind of Indiana Jones of the mission world. It was so great to meet Albert Das and hear of the courageous ways they have been reaching out by starting churches and rescuing children from all sorts of horrors. To financially support an orphan or church planter, go here.

That same night I saw another friend from college at the same event, Ty Denney. Ty and Erica are doing great things in West Los Angeles in a new church plant.

Then today I met with some remarkably sharp people who are using their talents to change the world. One has been helping in an Asian country which has seen 100 new churches and 20,000 people choose to follow Christ in the last 3 years. Her work with the International Mission Board has been incredible!

I also met with a new friend who is starting a toy company which will partner with new businesses started in Honduras. His hope would be to see some of the young men who experienced tremendous poverty and found help through The Micah Project become business leaders and contributors to their families in Tegulicigalpa.

Maybe we can help at least a few people…

  • Aaron Ivey

    seem like there’s so much need, and it’s amazing to see how God is stirring so much in our generation to respond to those needs. my wife and i are passionate about adopting orphans, and hope to adopt again in a few years. my wife wrote a blog about the fact that there’s 12 1/2 million orphans just in latin america. we’ve adopted one, but we want to adopt them ALL!!

    i enjoy reading your blog, thanks for all the posts.

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