The Power of Film

Today was a day watching movies – a movie being filmed and a movie just released.

Some friends from Mosaic are part of a team working on the movie The Least of These. Nathan Scoggins wrote and directed the film about a priest with mysterious past who’s transferred to a Catholic boarding school after the disappearance of one of the priests. The actors include Isaiah Washington (recently a part of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy) and Robert Loggia (the older man dancing with Tom Hanks in Big). Jimmy Duke and Christina Lee are some of the other friends we know who are pivotal parts of the production. Recently their efforts along with Nathan’s and others from our Awaken film team created a powerful series of 3 short films based on Erwin McManus’ book. Erwin is featured doing introductions for the short film project called Crave.

Later in the day we enjoyed Evan Almighty. We really enjoyed this modern-day story of a man building a boat after hearing from God. One of the most insightful moments comes when God as played by Morgan Freeman mentions that when we ask God for courage, He doesn’t give us courage. He gives an opportunity to be courageous. Steve Carell made us laugh throughout. It was a great flick we all enjoyed!
Steve Carell as Evan Baxter`

I love how film can communicate and inspire.

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  • Aaron Ivey

    is there a funnier man living on the planet than STEVE CARELL? yes, i must check out this movie.

  • Daniel D

    I’m printing this quote and putting it on my wall. Awesome.

    “when we ask God for courage, He doesn’t give us courage. He gives an opportunity to be courageous.”

  • Tyler

    Hey, thanks for the heads up on those films that are being worked on. I’d like to check them out, whenever they are finished. I also can’t wait to see Evan Almighty. We finally just started getting out to some movies again recently. No one ever told us that when you have kids you don’t get to go do things like that very often for a while.

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