Fire and Water

Woke up to see on the news another potential terrorist attack in the U.K. – this time at the Glasgow Airport. So glad no one has been injured or killed through these failed attacks. Is this an anomaly or the new world in which we live?

Glasgow Airport Care Fire

Glasgow Fire

Back here in the U.S., I have been praying for those affected by the floods in Texas. My parents live on this lake outside of Austin which has a dam allowing for the floodwaters to go downriver. They are fine. Others haven’t been so fortunate.

TX Flood Photo

These tragic situations and close calls for the U.K. and the Texans affected remind me to pray for those who experience violence and natural disasters more often and with more horrific results.

  • Johnny Laird

    It’s our world. We’ve lived with terrorism in one form or another in London for a generation now, and it’s hard to imagine it going away.

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