The Porpoise-Driven Life

We had such a great experience today with our Lead Team from Mosaic. We worked through several questions to improve as leaders using Gallup’s Strengths Finder. We answered questions such as: “Which of your top 5 strengths do you use the most in your role?” “Which of your top 5 strengths do you use the least?” “What do you contribute most to Mosaic?” It was a great time of affirmation and encouragement.

One of the more helpful moments for me was when Erwin described me as a porpoise. Rather than eating others like a shark would do, he mentioned how I help move people by bumping them into the right direction. We began to joke that my next book should be called “The Porpoise-Driven Life.”


Speaking of Rick Warren, I had the opportunity to meet him last week at Saddleback. Our Urban Poets team performed “Scribble” and Erwin spoke. It was incredible! I was so proud to be a part of our community! Ralph Neighbour and I walked over with Erwin for the podcast he was taping with Rick Warren. We were surprised they asked us to join them for the conversation. It was an honor just to meet Rick Warren. He has done so much to inspire so many to reach people and create purpose-driven churches. He represents evangelical Christians so well on CNN, FoxNews, Time magazine, and on and on. Not to mention, he has sold tens of millions of books! I felt he was an incredibly warm, passionate, and purposeful person. It was so much fun to have a conversation about innovation with him, Ralph, Erwin, and David from Saddleback.

Feel free to listen to the podcast HERE.

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  • Daniel D

    Man that would be a great leadership lesson / book as well. Becoming a “Porpoise-ful Leader.”

  • Sam.

    Ha! That’s funny.

    Speaking of books, your book has done the impossible. My wife, Rachel, never really finishes Christian books. She barely gets passed a few chapters in fact. However, she read yours cover to cover in a couple of days and said she loved it. I asked her what was different about yours than other books, and her reply was it was because of its “woo-iness”! (She like you has woo as one of her signature themes!)

  • Johnny Laird

    Eric, it’s already been done! 🙂

    HT to my buddy Headphonaught for alerting me to it his post here:

    Peace & Blessings


  • Henriet Schapelhouman

    It’s funny and true. I’ve experienced the nudge! Thanks for being a Porpoise for God.

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