!Viva Los Dodgers!


So far this season, the Dodgers are 3-0 in games we have attended. They beat the Reds, Mets, and Braves. Coming soon, games against the Phillies, Giants, and Astros.

We actually won 5 free tickets from the last game. We received one free ticket just for being in attendance as the Dodgers passed the 175,000,000 mark for fans in attendance over the course of our history. Trevi and Caleb received baseball cards at Tuesday night’s game. If one of the guys in your pack hit a home run, you get a free ticket. Thanks Wilson Betemit!

I am hoping for a trade for one more big bat plus a healthy return of Jason Schmidt to pull off winning the division and on our way to our first title since 1988!

Go Blue!

  • Los

    Bro. You are a preaching machine right now.

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