Experiencing the Underground

While participating in my last Bethel D.Min. course (now just proposals, projects, and dissertation to be completed), we have had the opportunity to meet up with some fascinating and innovative people.

Tim Reed from Club Fathom and Mosaic Chattanooga (TN) operates an active club where the people from Mosaic Chattanooga volunteer their time in order to serve people and develop relationships.

Dean Sharp operates Vox Studios and The Underground in Thousand Oaks, CA. This community seeks to do as much good for the planet as possible. They develop relationships through events which promote local artists and local business in the context of raising awareness and funds for social causes.

Heath Dalrymple from Vox Sacramento shared about their efforts in serving their city, developing relationships, and starting a community of Christ-followers.

Octavio Martinez and his team created a Culture Pub at the Blue Bird Art House in Whittier, CA on Friday night, July 6th.

Alex McManus, our teacher for this course, created M, Voxtropolis, and the International Mentoring Network.

I am enjoying hearing about the experimental efforts of others with a heart for the disconnected and overlooked.


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  • Gretch-A-Sketch

    Ok, maybe it’s just my old wacky computer but I think the site is messed up. All of the writing seems to be centered to the left and 1/2 of which I can not see in order to read.

  • Aaron Ivey

    hey man – do you have a brother at Arcade Church in Sacramento?

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