Detroit – Genesis

Just returned from a quick trip to Genesis in Detroit, a church in the Mosaic Alliance. It was a really great time!

I was saddened by the extreme racial divide in Detroit. South of 8 mile road is 85% African American. Some suburbs North of 8 mile road are 97% Anglo. In Dearborn, there are 300,000 Arab Americans.

Please pray for Steve Norman and his team as they seek to break through this division and reach people not being reached by the churches there. They have a gathering just north of 8 Mile Road (the line which seems to divide the city) and a new gathering downtown. I was so encouraged by all they are doing and who they are!

Creating a better future is tough work. As the church, we need to be leading the way in creating diverse communities!


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  • Stefanie

    Hey Eric,
    It was great to meet and hang out with you this past weekend. Thanks so much for all you shared with our community. And thanks for the shout out! Prayer is always needed and welcomed.


  • steve

    thanks eric-

    appreciate the shout out. best wishes for the rest of the deep south tour.


  • Julia

    Doesn’t Detroit have like, one of the worst public transportation systems in the nation? My friend took a bus from the airport to like, downtown and it cost something like, $20? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think GM was the culprit (same case for L.A.). But what Steve Norman and crew are doing is encouraging!

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