Peppermint Book Tour Update – Houston and Fort Worth

We have been having a great time with Debbie’s family in Arlington, TX. Since we made it to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we have had several highlights:

I flew to Houston to speak at Ecclesia, a church led by Chris Seay. Chris and I lived a couple of doors down from each other during our freshman year at Baylor.

I have always enjoyed hearing about Chris’ adventures as he started University Baptist Church in Waco, helped launch the music careers of David Crowder and his brother Robbie Seay, wrote several books, and now leads a very artistic, misssional, and incarnational community in Houston.

It was great seeing Chris, his family, and the team at Ecclesia in action. They are great people!


Last night, we had the Barnes and Noble book signing in the University Village in Fort Worth. It was so great seeing old friends from Shady Oaks B.C. where I grew up (and met Debbie) as well as good friends from Fusion, Mosaic Arlington, and new friends from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Getting to spend time with these friends was such an encouragement! I have been blessed with such a great family and great experience growing up in this area.


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