Peppermint Book Tour Update – Waco, Austin, and San Antonio

Our adventures have continued across the Southwest. We have had so much fun spending time with our family – the Ellises, Mathenys, the Bryants, the Kohlers, the Pedersons, the Murphys, the Gaddys, and the Snarrs. Our kids especially had fun with their cousins and celebrating their birthdays with everybody. We have such a wonderful family! I wish we could have more time with each of them.

At the book signing in Waco, I met some neat people and saw some old friends at Mardel’s Bookstore. I was encouraged to hear about the efforts of Antioch, an extremely missional church in Waco. Their theme for the summer just happened to be “Diverse City.”


Debbie and I enjoyed driving around Austin for the first time in our lives. We enjoyed seeing the University of Texas, where several of my family members graduated, and eating with the Kohlers at Threadgill’s Cafe. That evening we heard some remarkable music from Rob Lowe of Balmorhea and Alex Dupree of The Trap Door Band. Mosaic Austin has done a great job getting their new building fixed up!


Our time with Wayside Chapel in San Antonio was fantastic! They were incredibly warm and receptive. I even met some myspace friends there!


More updates from our time with our family in Texas coming after the tour!

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  • tom

    not gonna lie, it is pretty awesome meeting myspace friends in person. im not a freak if anyone out there is wondering.

  • Darin

    Eric, it was great to meet you at Wayside. I’m the guy that went to Mosaic in ’05. Right now, I’m in chapter 5 of your very manly titled book, Peppermint-Filled Pinatas. Coming from a very information-proof model of apologetics, I’m getting a lot of personal relief from realizing love is the “new apologetic.” I realize that it really should have been an old apologetic. I have no idea what it will look like to love people in this way, but I think you’ve awoken (awaken?) something that I tried to kill 14 years ago.

  • Fil & Teisha Nicholson

    Hey Eric, you are missing some great surf here in New Brighton, Christchurch. These last few days would have definitely been the best surf you would have ever had, if you had been here. Just pumping!! We are looking forward to your next visit to Christchurch and Grace Vineyard, hopefully with your family. Take care, Fil and Teish Nicholson

  • jon p.

    MMMMM, Threadgills. Now you’re talkin’. One of the big things I miss about Austin is all the local cuisine. You just don’t go to Austin and eat at some nationwide chain restaurant; that’s sacriledge. Glad you enjoyed your time there and it was good to meet up with you here in Waco. Your nephews and niece and sister-in-law were just over this morning for playgroup. You Bryants are good people. 🙂

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