Prejudice Game Show

A new game show on the Game Show Network called “Without Prejudice” tries to reveal what people really feel towards others who are different than them. In our politically correct world, our language has changed, but if we are honest, too often, animosity, bigotry, and even hatred hide just below the surface.

A diverse group of contestants answer questions from a panel of judges. The panelists then begin voting off the contestants based on their answer to the questions. The last-remaining contestant wins $25,000.

In the brief part of the episode I saw a young military serviceman shares about his experiences in Iraq. Just as you think all of the panelists will vote for him, he later reveals his current job is much different. He is a porn star. In another episode, one of the panelists votes off a contestant just because of his skin color.

I don’t know how interesting the show will be. I like that the producers are trying to move people beyond their prejudice by being honest about their true feelings.

In an article I read about the new show at the NY Times website, Mike Hale writes: “When it’s all said and done, the final decision appears to have less to do with the contestants’ lives and beliefs than with their Q factors: The winner is the most likable of the five, with the best smile.”

What a simple yet profound thought. Perhaps we have truly moved into a world where your beliefs, your background, your ethnicity, your socio-economic status, your appearance all fade away in comparison to your character.

Do people like us? Are we likable people? That seems to be more important than, do people agree with me – at least on this show.

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