Passages: Conversations with God

First, let me thank you guys for your kind emails and posts. Your responses are incredibly encouraging! I will be having the drawing for the free book soon!

passages360.jpgPassages at Mosaic. Last summer, I invited about 30 people to join me in the backyard to work on our speaking skills. We each took turns to share for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of constructive comments from the group. At the end of the summer of 2006 we had a few of those who spoke in my backyard speak at Mosaic gathering.

One year later, we have 28 people speaking during the Passages series over 20 weeks at Mosaic. Each week we are challenged to seek God through His Word as we hear of the amazing ways God has intervened and guided others in our community. The diverse group of speakers have been so inspiring and encouraging! I feel like a proud papa – even as we hear some of the talks from last year now being shared at Mosaic.

Rather than allowing us to rely on messages of Erwin on video, although he is an incredibly gifted communicator, he really wants us to raise up the next generation of great communicators. What a lofty goal and challenge!

Check out some of these talks for free here.

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