Chicken with his head cut off

That is such a disgusting phrase yet quite descriptive of my week last week.

On Tuesday, I left my computer bag filled with my computer, Bible, journal, and all new projects at a coffee shop in Santa Monica. I realized it after driving all the way through L.A. rush hour traffic. Debbie, the kids, and I drove all the way back in L.A.’s rush hour traffic to get it. Fortunately, they still had it. We tried to make the best of it by eating dinner at Killer Shrimp. Very delicious.

On Wednesday, I accidentally threw my wallet in trash can at home. I had put it in a plastic bag along with several other items to take to work. Unfortunately, rushing off to the office I also had a couple of other bags filled with trash. I threw all the bags in the bin. I realized it after the trash man had emptied our bin into the truck. I lost 2 credit cards, my driver’s license, recent business cards from people I met, $80 in cash, my kids pics, and 2 free movie passes. Such a bummer. Pray it is never found in the landfill.

Pray I get my head screwed back on this week!

  • Joey

    Dude, that sucks!

    This reminds me of a Little Ceasar’s commercial from years ago where this dude with a high-pitched voice is having a great day. He finds his wallet – “My wallet!” and then learns he has a sibling – “I have a brother?!” and then he learns he can get a free pizza at Little Ceasar’s if he buys one.

    Glad you enjoyed the Killer Shrimp!

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