Peppermint Love Some More

Recently a flurry of blogs have mentioned Peppermint-Filled Pinatas. I always like to send people over to visit those who are spreading Peppermint Love. Take a look at the following:

A Fuller student named Tamara who likes to eat Papa John’s Pizza.

Larry, who offers insights into children’s ministry. This post includes a story I wrote for him.

A man named Rob who started a ministry called What I Was Made For.

Joel, who reviewed my book. This is the least positive review of the book so far, but it is mostly positive.

Mark, who listened to the Rick Warren podcast about a Creating a “Culture of Innovation.”

One of the coolest pictures of a “Mission Impossible” mouse can be found here

A woman who likes tattoos named Gretch-a-Sketch.


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  • Gretch-A-Sketch

    Hey thanks! =)

  • Joel

    I’m pleasantly surprised you found my review! While I had some minor criticisms, I really enjoyed and was challenged by your book. Thanks for taking time to contact me. Keep writing and loving people like Jesus.

  • YP

    Thanks for the link. I really enjoyed your book and have quoted it in several blogs and in many of my teachings. Thanks!

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