Catalyst, Origins NYC, and Origins Event in N.C.!

Some really remarkable opportunities coming up! Appreciate your prayers and spreading the word!



Oct 4 & 5 – Atlanta, GA

I will be doing a book signing at Catalyst which is one of the largest conferences for church leaders in the U.S..
What will be really fun is the opportunity to win the prizes hidden inside the world’s largest peppermint-filled pinata! This will be a special pre-event moment on Thursday around 7:20 a.m..

Take a look at my article “The Art of Woo” which was featured in the Catalyst Monthly online magazine.



Oct 7 – Origins in New York City (speaking in both services)

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at one of the fastest growing churches in Manhattan!



Oct 16 & 17 – Charlotte, NC – The Origins Project

If this event is anything close to what we experienced with the leaders in Zurich last week, it is going to be incredible! We have a chance to come together in an intimate setting to interact with top level leaders to create the future as we look at our ancient faith in our new world.

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