Catalyst Conference

Enjoyed my time in Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference. Heard some great speakers and had a great experience. Really my highlight was meeting some amazing people doing remarkable things and spending time with our team from Mosaic. Another highlight: eating Chick-Fil-A three times out of six meals.

A really unique part of the experience was the chance to be interviewed on the red carpet just after doors opened on the first morning followed by the breaking of the world’s largest peppermint-filled pinata!



Zondervan was so generous by sending out books to Catalyst leaders as well providing free copies of my book at 4 different book signings during the two day event. Special thanks to my marketing genius, Daniel Decker for pulling all of this off!

Some insights gleaned from some of the speakers:

Patrick Lencioni: 3 Signs of a Miserable Job include Anonymity (Do I know those with whom I work?), Irrelevance (Do people know how their jobs connect to the big picture?), and Immeasurement (Are you doing a good job today?)

Francis Chan: “Do I believe in God enough to say whatever He asks and do whatever He wants me to do. We have not been given the spirit of timidity.”

Sunday from Nigeria: Started reaching out to outsiders and then God blessed with influencers. No one came at first so then started looking for those considering suicide.

Craig Groeschel: Practical Atheist – someone who believes in God but lives or does ministry as if He doesn’t

Erwin McManus: We have the opportunity to create the future! What’s after modernism and post-modernism? It is up to us!

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  • tiffany

    it was great to meet you this past week at catalyst! thanks for the free book as well! i look forward to diggin into it soon.

  • jay hardwick


    great to meet you down in the room with the food! really enjoyed our convo and look forward to more in the future.

    thanks for writing “pinatas” – i can see it really helping our launch team in columbia, sc to engage their neighborhoods.

    blessings on you!

  • Jack Fussell

    looks like it was a great time. I enjoyed getting to meet you and hear your heart in Zurich. That was a great time. As soon as Ron finishes your book, it’s my next read.

    if you have time, check out my blog as well…

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