NYC – Origins Church

Had an incredible weekend with old friends from Mosaic (the Tafoyas, Rynesses, Greg Wong, and Laura Cave) who are now serving at Origins and new friends from Origins, a new church that has grown rapidly in Manhattan. They meet in the upper westside and Chelsea areas.

We went through the StrengthsFinder and Character Matrix (Uprising by Erwin McManus) on Saturday. This group is sharp and ready to change the world!

On Sunday, I spoke on Peppermint-Filled Pinatas. It was quite adventurous as the morning service was canceled (the set up team waited for 2 hours without anyone coming to open up the building) and then back on once the janitor showed up. Adventures in church planting!

I was really encouraged to catch a glimpse of this community. In a city filled with millions of people, so many are isolated and lonely. As this community serves their neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends, NYC will never be the same!

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  • Ted


    You mentioned that you want more people to comment on your blog, and since you were kind enough to fly out to NYC for an entire weekend and invest time and love into our community, I guess I could afford a couple minutes to comment.
    First of all, thank you for coming out and teaching the StrengthsFinder and Character Matrix. It was time well spent and has already begun to deepen realtionships within the community as people begin dreaming about using their strengths (not just overcoming their weaknesses) to usher forth the kingdom of God that Jesus spoke about.
    Also, I pray that as you have joined the limited ranks of published authors, the Lord keeps you humble and loving, pursuing those qualities of a servant leader, as you are now a threat to the enemy on a grander scale.
    I hope you had a safe trip back to LA (without real silverware and German soldiers) and that the Lord continues to bless the Mosaic community there. Let’s change this world through the power of the indwelling spirit of God!


  • Eric Bryant

    Thanks, Ted! It was great being with you guys!

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