Making a Difference

Really enjoyed the time with the group at the book signing tonight! Thanks to those who came!

Some of the thoughts we discussed included:

Loving someone doesn’t mean we allow everyone to do anything. If someone is a child molester we don’t let them babysit. Because we love them, we keep them away from kids!

We all have natural biases and prejudice that we can learn to overcome. For an assessment on our biases go here.

There is power in the masses. When the people of western Iraq decided to expel Al Qaeda, they discovered peace and overcame terrorism. Read more here.

Lincoln once said, “With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed…. Consequently, he who holds public sentiment goes deeper than he who erects statutes or pronounces decisions.”

Christians’ fighting repels people from God. Too often the way we treat each other keeps others from considering the God who is supposed to be allowed to change our lives.

In the one time in the Scriptures when Jesus prays for those who would follow Him in the future, He prayed we would love one another thus proving He was sent by God. The greatest apologetic is love!

We shouldn’t expect anything from others so we will be surprised with what actually happens in our relationships (great idea, Rich from Mosaic Inland!)

Other ways we can make a difference in the world?

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