Back to the Future Part Two


Here are some fun inventions that were featured in the year 2015 in the movie Back to the Future Part II:

Flying cars
Controlled weather (i remember hearing about this happening in China in 2006, read this)
Shoes without laces
Inside out pants
Clothes that adjust with the push of a button
Two ties
3D billboards (we have moving billboards now)
Hologram billboards
Computer waiters (we have computers that check out our groceries without requiring a real person now)
Justice system without lawyers
Workouts during lunch (sounds a lot like Curves)
Hover boards
Face tattoos (Mike Tyson)
Drying mode
Miami baseball team (Florida Marlins)
Dust repellant paper
Scenery channel (my parents gave me a dvd with an aquarium on the screen)
Ads on hats
Robots to walk the dog (we have robots who vacuum the floors)
Hydrator Videophones
Faxes with ink jet printers (they didn’t anticipate much change in this arena – like the Internet)

Perhaps the future is closer than we realize!

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  • Trey Bledsoe

    How are you doing? From things on your website and info on the new book and opportunities you are being given it sounds like things are amazing right now. When you talk to Craig tell him I said hey.

  • Jack Fussell

    Great stuff man. I’m glad the two ties didn’t catch on…. instead we went to no ties.

  • Rebekah

    I love back to the future!! hehe this was an interesting post. :)hope you are doing well!!

  • cathi


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