Googling Yourself


Have you ever googled yourself? A friend of mine encouraged me to try doing a search of my name. Some funny things came up. Apparently there is an Eric Bryant who:

works as a stunt director

died in a car wreck

captured a violent criminal who escaped from jail

writes as a journalist and philosopher

performs in rock concerts which also included the Sex Pistols (listen here)

Give it a try!

  • Joel McDonald

    Funny — I often called on customers relocating from out of state, and in my business (real estate), you get the “cold shoulder” quite often.

    I thought it especially odd when my reputation preceded me, and someone I had called in Minnesota whispered “It’s Joel McDonald!” when passing the phone to the person I was calling for…

    When I Googled my name, it turns out there is a famous St. Cloud University basketball player with my same name.

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