A Perfect Storm – SoCal Fires

Debbie and I were saddened as we watched homes, a castle, and even a church burning in Malibu on the news yesterday. I have driven by this church and seen this castle many times over the years.



MALIBU CASTLE FIRE (had been on sale for $17 million)


Now, this morning, the fires seemed to have popped up everywhere. In fact, 7 counties in Southern California have declared a state of emergency. The drudgereport’s headline is “Hell Comes to Southern California.” On the radio, they referred to today as “a perfect storm.”

In some parts of our area, smoke fills the skies. It is a rather creepy feeling. As someone who survived a house fire in Seattle, fire still makes me nervous.

In most places in the winter, classes are canceled for snow. Not here. Classes have been canceled near these fires because of the smoke and in some cases due to the risk of fire damaging schools.

I was supposed to speak at Pepperdine University tonight with the Mosaic group with Jason Jaggard, but classes have been canceled due to the Malibu fires. Pepperdine is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. To see it on television, check out the TV show Zoey 101.



We are praying for the firefighters and those being affected by these fires.

  • Matt Singley

    I spoke with the folks at Malibu Pres this morning…they are overwhelmed by the generous outpouring from the community. Offers of buildings for use, money, resources…

    What a crazy time. In all of this I think God will receive much glory.

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