The Darjeeling Limited


I enjoyed Wes Anderson’s new movie “The Darjeeling Limited” with Debbie this weekend. It was a bit surreal watching Owen Wilson play a suicidal brother after his real-life struggle, but not long after the movie began, we got sucked into the story of three brothers trying to reconnect after the death of their father.

Some of the best moments which spoke into my life included:

At one point, a tragedy pulled them out of their petty struggles and into community.

Owen’s character removing the bandages which revealed cuts and gashes from his intentional motorcycle accident and saying, “I still have some healing to do.” His brother’s response: “The scars will give you character.”

The boys’ estranged mother telling her sons the plan for the following day:

“Tomorrow let’s (A) Get up early to spend time with each other. (B) Stop feeling sorry for ourselves. (C) Let’s start making plans for the future.”

Sounds like great advice!

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