Trevi Takes Over the World (Part Two)!


Trevi upset when her brother received a medal – “I don’t want to be in dance b/c you don’t get a trophy!”

Me comforting my daughter after she lost a trivia contest to Caleb – “You don’t have to win every time.”
Trevi – “But I want to. It isn’t fair to lose!”

Trevi on her homework: “I can’t stop thinking about messing up that word.”
My response: “Think about the happy things instead.”
Trevi – “I can’t. Only the sad things keep lining up in my mind.”

Trevi shared with us that a boy in her Kindergarten class had gotten on his knees and asked her to marry her but she said “no.” Surprised, we asked for more details. She finally admitted, he hadn’t actually proposed but had told others she was his girlfriend. We laughed at how she romanticized the entire situation even as she rejected his intentions. We asked her why she said no to Vito. Her response: “Vito is too love-ish.”

To Trevi, life is a musical. One of these days I am going to have to catch her on video as she creates her songs and sings through her daily routine (“Daddy, come look at my picture” she sings. I sing back, “Show me my wonderful daughter.” etc.)


A friend of mine in Detroit (Steve Norman) sent me an article about a vandal who attempted to ruin the Trevi Fountain in Rome (the source of daughter’s name) by throwing a can of paint into it. For more details, go here.

For a prior post on Trevi’s exploits in taking over the world, go here.

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