Fascinating People

I love the fascinating people I have the opportunity to know and to meet. So many people are doing so many amazing things to change the world.

Mary Glenn
As a police chaplain in Alhambra and catalyst with Kingdom Causes, Mary knows everything and everyone in our area. She was sharing about some of her efforts to serve others in the midst of the SoCal wildfires.

Gerardo and Laura Marti
As part of our community at Mosaic when Debbie and I arrived here, Gerardo and Laura reached out to us, mentored us, led us, and served us. I remember fondly when Laura got a team to decorate our house for Caleb’s first trip home after spending his first two months of life in the hospital. They are now actively contributing to Mosaic in Charlotte, NC. Gerardo is an assistant professor at Davidson University and wrote a great book on how the church can engage our quickly-changing world called Mosaic of Believers. (to purchase at a deeply discounted rate contact Samantha at Awaken). It was so great having dinner with them at their house along with some other new friends last week!


Aaron Ivey
A musician with Spur58, Aaron and his wife Jamie are adopting Dowensky from Haiti. To do, they have had to fill out endless paperwork and are now raising funds for the expenses involved. Check out more info. on Saving Dowensky.


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