Enjoying Diversity

We live in Alhambra, a city of 90,000 people right in the middle of Los Angeles County and the first city east of L.A.. Our city is about 47% Asian, 37% Latino, 14% Anglo, and 2% African American (see city-data for demographics on your city).

There are so many advantages to living in an urban context. One of which is the food!


Yesterday we ate at Noodle World. We had Pad Thai; Teriyaki Chicken with Lo Mein Noodles; and a combination of boneless roast duck, bbq pork slices and roast pork served over steamed rice. To drink we enjoyed Honey Almond Milk Tea with Boba, Thai Iced Tea with Boba, and I had a Red Bean with Milk drink. Delicious! Boba, by the way, are tapioca balls which you suck up from the bottom of your drink. My drink literally has red beans at the bottom. Sounds odd, but it is fantastic!

Our world is quickly changing. Ironically, Noodle World used to be a very American restaurant called Bob’s Big Boy.


Are we ready for a world in which Big Boy is replaced by Noodle World?

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  • scott hodge

    i just drooled on my computer. thx eric… 🙂 man, the place sounds awesome. we have lots of those here in chicago too. love the kind of food that’s found in an urban context.

  • Johnny Laird


    The only gap I’ve found when I’m in the US is the scarcity of Indian Restaurants compared to UK, where Indian food has become our national dish.

    I’m with you and Scott.

    Diversity rocks!

    Peace & blessings

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