Peace in the Middle East

Is it even possible?! Seems like Mideast progress takes one step forward and two steps back. Even still, I am hopeful for the Mideast Summit that begins today, especially since 40 nations are represented (several of them from the Arab world including Syria).

With several friends living in the Arab world, I pray for peace in the Middle East often. At the same time the summit begins, Lebanon is in a very precarious situation. Lebanon is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been (check out Baalbek, the most amazing place I have ever seen which is in the middle of the Hezbollah region, as well as one of the most remarkable cities in the world – Beirut). It has been called the “Switzerland of the Middle East.” Our Lebanese friends there have been keeping us updated on their situation. They are stuck in the middle of the battle that seems to continue to rage in the Middle East.

Lebanon is a country with Christians, Shiite Muslims, and Sunni Muslims. Some are connected more with the U.S. and the Western world whereas others are more connected with Iran and Syria. As a result, the politicians in power have deadlocked- unable or unwilling to determine a president that all can agree upon. As a result, the army (already quite stretched) has been called upon to hold the peace. For more on this story, read here.

Creating a compromise agreement in Lebanon and the Middle East takes loving your neighbor and loving your enemy to a whole new level. Let’s pray for a miracle.

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