Our New Baby

For Christmas this year, we bought the kids a new puppy! We have named her Emma which is short for Emmanuel since she is a reminder that “God is with us.” She is the cutest little dog in the world!

I had forgotten how much work a little puppy can be – crying on and off all night, a trip to the vet, bathing, playing, and so on. Unfortunately, she didn’t eat the first 24 hours at our house. We had the wrong food, and I think she was so excited to see us every time we brought her the food that she would rather play then eat. All that to say, we had to take her back to the breeder to get her eating again. She is fine, but we almost accidentally killed “God with us.” That would have made a terrible Christmas.


She is a maltipoo – part maltese and part toy poodle. The picture looks just like her but isn’t her. Emma is just a bit cuter than the dog pictured.

Any house training and dog training advice?!?!

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  • seth

    my wife and i just got a maltese about a month ago. i know what you mean about crying all night.

    a good house training tip we learned was to have a bell by the door. everytime we go out, we hit his paw or nose on the bell to make it ring. our dog actually started to do it on it’s own only about 2 weeks after we started.

    everytime he has to go to the bathroom now, he hits the bell to let us know. he’s only had a couple of accidents since, and one of those was our fault.

  • Crystal Renaud

    oh my goodness. she’s adorable! reminds me of my little baby girl who is now almost 9. *tear*

    its hard to train a dog that cute because when she does something wrong…. you can’t help but give in to her little face. ahh!

  • Rindy

    Soooo cute!!!

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