I Am Legend


Have you seen I Am Legend yet?! It is extremely entertaining. The visuals of an abandoned New York City, Will Smith’s performance, the story, and even the suspense/intensity surrounding the infected all make for a really powerful film. It is not for the faint-of-heart, but there is a great message about hearing the voice of God.

Best line of the movie: After explaining how Bob Marley still performed at a concert promoting peace two days after getting shot, Robert Neville (portrayed by Will Smith) says that when asked why he was still going to perform Bob Marley said: “Because the people trying to make the world worse aren’t taking a day off.”

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  • Mud Puppy

    I’m with you 100%.

    I couldn’t have summed up my experience any more concise.

  • Brandon Donaldson

    Yeah, I just saw it Tuesday night. The abandoned New York City was amazing visuals. I just go so attached to the dog…

  • Keith Walters

    What did you think about the way Robert Neville’s prayers addressed the problem of evil?

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