A Year in Review

“It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.” So describes 2007.

To save paper (and really because I don’t have a printer at home), this is serving as our annual Christmas newsletter update. Here are some of the highs and lows:

Caleb and Trevi continue to grow and fill our lives with such fun and adventure. Caleb enjoys sports and works hard on his 3rd grade homework. Trevi started Kindergarten and enjoys dancing and now acting (watch her short film debut here). A big highlight was our family trip to Kauai (pics).

Debbie and I had a great time traveling to Scotland (pics) and

A real highlight was the release of Peppermint-Filled Pinatas. This was a dream come true! The first “book” I wrote was when I was 10. It took several failed attempts and 25 years, but it finally happened. My hope is the book will help us love others even when we might look, act, or believe differently. It was great getting to spend time with old friends and new ones with the book tour around L.A., Seattle, Arlington, Atlanta (including a giant pinata at Catalyst), New York City, Cleveland, Charlotte, and throughout the Southwest (part one) and (part two)

On my blog there is more on the family, Mosaic, and fun stuff.

After such a busy couple of years, we worked through burnout and other challenges, but we look forward to a great 2008!

We pray the same for you and those you love! Please keep us posted on your life and adventures!

Merry Christmas!

Eric, Debbie, Caleb, Trevi, and Emma (our new puppy)


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