Assassination of Bhutto

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto returned to her home country knowing that her life would be in danger. A woman in a man’s world, Bhutto offered a pro-democracy alternative in a country embroiled in a battle over its future. She represented a major threat to the extreme Islamic jihadists in the region (a violent and vocal minority in Pakistan). In fact, the Jan. 6th cover story in Parade magazine featured the following cover:


Tragically, it appears that Bhutto came out of her armored vehicle to wave at the crowd of supporters who had just heard her speaking at a rally when she was shot by a suicide bomber. Soon after, the bomber detonated the bombs he was wearing killing himself and many others. Just before being shot, a photo journalist took this picture:


May her willingness to sacrifice her safety and now her life for the future of her country lead towards renewed efforts for peace and freedom. Right now, it seems her death has led to more violence and chaos, the exact opposite of what she lived for.

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